For Teens

It used to be that wearing braces was a rite of passage for teens. Now, it is often something teens dread. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Braces treatment has change a lot over the years, and teens have many options that give them control over their appearance during treatment. We promise—it isn’t as scary as they might think.

Testimonial about Young Adult Braces

Treatment Length

Braces treatment lasts about 24 months, though many patients take less time—some patients need braces for under a year. A major factor in how long treatment takes is the cooperation of the patient. Taking care of your braces and wearing appliances as directed means finishing treatment sooner.

Treatment Options

If you are picturing braces as a mouth full of gleaming silver braces, you aren’t wrong—they certainly can look that way—but you are missing out on many options. Some choices include:

  • Colored brackets or shaped brackets
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Invisalign
  • Lingual braces

Some of these options are completely invisible, others less visible than usual, and others still glaringly obvious to make it easy to express personality. The right choice comes down to the orthodontic issues being treated and what the patient wants.

Ultimately, no matter how inconvenient they might seem, braces give teens the chance to sport a healthy and attractive smile for life, making treatment worth it.